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Seed to Soul
Maximizing flavour | Minimizing waste

Rumy Muenala, a passionate chef and founder of Ayapacha, invites you to an eco-conscious culinary journey, blending passion for food and love for the planet.
As an indigenous Kichwa of Ecuador, he learned from a very young age the natural connection between land and community through food, understanding that each ingredient holds a story and every meal is a sacred experience.
With Ayapacha, he aims to play a part in building a healthier, more sustainable food system by minimizing waste, maximizing flavor, and inspiring a community of eco-conscious eaters. From sourcing locally grown produce to zero-waste practices, his mission is to redefine the food industry one delicious recipe at a time. In Ayapacha, we believe culinary creativity can meet conscious living and that together we can savor the taste of change.


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