Ancestral Medicines




Aya Pacha work in collaboration with artisans and farmers that work closely with the gifts that Mother Earth abundantly offers to humanity and all living beings. We make sure of the standards of respect and coherence that is needed to bring together the alchemy of Cacao to you.

Cacao is an ancestral medicine that has been found to be used in South America as far back as 5450 years ago in the highlands of Ecuador by the ancient culture Mayo Chinchipe.

Archeological contemporary findings show that Cacao was used for ritual and ceremonial purposes but also as an every day super food because of the various nutritional compounds such as Theobromine, an important compound responsible of converting the food into energy in our body. This is the reason why Cacao has been named as The Food of the Goods by ancient civilizations such as Mayan, Aztec and Inka.

Our Cacao Paste holds the essence of the Cacao tree as it is produced by artisans with sustainable practices. When you consume Cacao Paste you are absorbing the whole benefit of the fruit. Instead, Cocoa is a part of the Cacao Paste that is separated in order to produce chocolate.

Aya Pacha is committed to spread the understanding of how this powerful medicine can heal the human heart. Let your food be your medicine.

Our Sacred Cacao Paste contain flavonoids that are antioxidants that protect your body from free radicals, protecting your heart and brain from early degeneration, enhancing the memory and boosting your immune system. It also contains Iron, Potassium, Cooper, Vitamin A, Calcium among others. It also contains Thiamine, an important compound responsible of converting the food into energy in our body. Cacao also stimulates the production of endorphins in our brain, therefore creating a sensation of openness, balance and harmony when taken alone or added to your diet in various and creative ways.

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