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María Fatme

I was born in Ecuador, a magical paradise where I grew in deep connection with Pacha Mama (Gaia). My curiosity with the nature of the Universe led me to my undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering. At the same time my healing journey began with the blessing of plant medicine.

Seven years ago, Cannabis medicine became my first and beloved teacher, through which I connected to Yoga, Mindfulness and Shamanism.  Later, as I deepened my spiritual path, Cacao medicine came into my life to open my heart to self-love and compassion. As I felt in love with Cacao, the desire of sharing it with as many as possible flourish in Aya Pacha as I believe that opening the heart and returning to our roots will heal humanity and Pacha Mama, which are one and the same. This can be done with the support of plant medicine and a heart felt guidance. I hold the vision of sharing the medicines of Mother Earth in sacred and ancestral ways and living in community and harmony with our planet.

I accompany transformational and sacred processes with the perspective of Tantra, Ayurveda, Herbalism and The Medicine Wheel, with the intention of transmitting spirituality from a science-based perspective rooted in the guidance that I receive from her teachers the Sacred Elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether. 


May is an empowered and deeply spiritual woman. She is a citizen of the world with a passion for travels and continuous learning. Her first career makes her a finances master. She also studied a specialization in Cyber Security. Above all, she is our beloved mother devoted to her family. May reflects the universal feminine and masculine energy in equilibrium, her maternal spirit nourishes us with every word and in every touch. She teaches us the respect for life and unconditional acceptance for ourselves and others. Her values have been the seeds that gave birth to Aya Pacha. Her non-negotiable faith is the engine that drives us to believe that anything is possible when you are connected to your heart by trusting in the sacred Force of Great Spirit.

Her greatest legacy is the spirituality with which she walks day by day with the assurance of universal perfection. May is our loving teacher in constant growth and learning, her mind always open to expanding to new experiences and her immense heart full of compassion for everyone who crosses her path.

May respects and embraces natural medicine as a healing blessing that has strengthened her connection with the divinity. 


Javier is the musician of Aya Pacha. His specialty is Latin genre. His purpose is to bring joy, calm, fun, and above all relaxation while transmitting the cultural essence through the medicine of music, which he considers a form of therapy for himself and for the people who attend his events. His aim is to contribute to the spiritual growth of humanity by increasing awareness using sound in an entertaining way.
His intention is to contribute to the expansion of ancestral medicine through artistic expression. Javier develops the music for the Medicinal Ceremonies of Aya Pacha all over the world with the intention of sharing the blessing that he had received while connecting with plant medicines like Cacao, Kambo, Ayahuasca and Medicinal Mushrooms. Javier transmits a spontaneous flow that rooted Aya Pacha from its seeds with much love and dedication to help customers and producers of ancestral medicine to expand the magical Spirit of Pacha Mama. Javier describes Cacao as a natural medicine that shares positive and loving vibes that bring blessings and healing.



My name is Ilona and I was born and raised in the beautiful countryside of Lithuania, eastern Europe. My roots are closely related to Baltic paganism which is also filled with the energy of Mother Earth and deep teachings from the Amazon jungle.
I am a dedicated Shamanic Kambo practitioner and an artist of sacred ceremonial tools like Shamanic Drums, rattles and more. I am a firm believer in the natural approach to healing. The human body is made up of the mind, body and spirit and all three must be in working order so that a free flow of energy is achieved. Through my practice I work hard to release this energy and promote one’s well-being.
I deeply care about my customer's health and always work from my heart in a sacred space in order to help them expand their mind and develop their own intuition.
My mission on this Earth is to share love, happiness and help people to remember their own spiritual journeys. We are all divine beings living a physical life on this planet and my mission is to help people to re-connect with their own Light of their soul.
Many blessings to you <3
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