Ritual Uses

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao is an ancestral medicine that has been known for its qualities in areas like: healing, rituals, vision quest, community alliances, celebrations and more. Everything inspired in Pacha Mama who generously gave humanity the blessing of Cacao Medicine as The Food of the Gods, known also as one of the medicines for opening the heart.

We recommend that you prepare the necessary space and time to share with your Aya Pacha Cacao. We suggest that for ceremonial purposes you melt your Aya Pacha Cacao paste with Water. The dose varies from 20g to 45g depending how familiarized are you with Cacao medicine. You can start with a small dose and then increase it as it feels right for you.

For preparing your Aya Pacha Cacao ceremonial drink we recommend a water bath, which means not exposing your Cacao directly to the heat in a pan but instead inside a cup inside a pan where you slowly add Water while singing from your heart to your Cacao, connecting with your intention as this will preserve the essence of Cacao medicine.

Drinking Cacao intentionally is a powerful practice that will warm your heart as it connects you deeper and deeper with yourself and by doing so, with the divinity that awakens inside and all around you. This can be done by preparing a little altar holding the essence of the five elements, a suggestion can be as follow:

Father Air, also known as Taita Huaira in Kichwa, the native indigenous language spoken in Ecuador. This sacred Spirit reminds us of our natural state of freedom. In the shamanic tradition it is sometimes symbolized with feathers, also with any musical instrument that you can then use to decorate your ritual with sacred sound that also heals the soul, also connecting with the element of the Ether, the space that allows the expression of the Universe.  

Mother Water, also known as Mama Yaku. Her sacred presence is part of the alchemy of Cacao Medicine as for the ritual purpose we prefer to use water to melt Aya Pacha Cacao paste. Mama Yaku teaches us to flow without resistance as the Universe is already perfect, when we accept life as it is, we become part of the dance of reality with fluidity. You can invite her also to your altar with some water in a clear container.

Father Fire, also known as Taita Nina, the light of Spirit, the heat of the Sun that allows life to be possible. Is also very present in the alchemy of Cacao as we need the power of Sacred Fire to prepare our medicine.  You can invite the presence of Taita Nina by lightening a candle in your sacred space.

Mother Gaia, also very well known as Pacha Mama. Our maternal Spirit found in Cacao medicine. She gives us the necessary medicines to have the best experience full of health and abundance as we awaken from the illusion of separation. You can invite Pacha Mama through any of her natural expressions like rocks, crystals, flowers, etc. Just keep in mind always asking permission before taking her elements with you as every life form is an expression of consciousness having their own experience.

In order to start your ceremony you can give thanks to all the elements and clean the space with any cleaning herb like Sage. We suggest that you take your Aya Pacha ceremonial Cacao drink to your heart, holding it with gratitude for the healing that has already taken place.

Aya Pacha Cacao is love in its pure essence. Thanks for choosing us to bring it to you. We hope you have a long and abundant life in this wonderful planet of us, Mother Earth. 

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